Beautiful Places To See In Egypt
Egypt has magnificent monuments as old as 6,000 years and Cairo, with its millions of people, definitely has to offer an array of unique attractions as well as tourist attractions. Egypt is one is the countries on most tourist list to visit. Here are beautiful places to visit while you are touring the ancient country.
Ras Muhammad National Park
Apart from being Egypt’s most famous national park, Ras Muhammad is also one of the world’s most popular diving sites. The park is hidden among the colorful Red Sea coral reefs and mangroves as well as the Sinai inland desert. It also has crystal clear waters that make it easy for divers and snorkeling lovers to spot colorful corals as well as marine species of invertebrates and vertebrates. If you are going to take a boat to go further into the sea, you might even be able to spot dolphins, including the dolphin from Risso. The park is home to thousands of White Storks as well as a rich marine creatures and corals.

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Pyramids of Giza
One of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world is the three pyramids, which contains the tombs of legendary pharaohs. it is located on the plateau of Giza, the pyramids have remained intact for thousands of years that is why it’s the only Wonder. The Great Pyramid is 138 meters high and is open to tourists through the Robber’s Tunnel, also known as the Khufu Pyramid. The Sphinx limestone structure is part of the same complex as well. Giza’s pyramid complex is the jewel of tourist attractions in Egypt and one of Egypt’s most popular sightseeing spots.
It is a laid-back resort town on the Sinai Peninsula’s south-east coast. The beautiful city attracts hippies as well as tourists who want to stay in a peaceful location in Egypt that is not full of tourists throughout the year. Due to the incredible natural beauty of the place, tourist loves Dahab and it is definitely one of Egypt’s most beautiful resorts. Visitors can enjoy the golden sandy beaches with spectacular ocean views stretching across the Gulf to the Hijaz Mountains of Saudi Arabia. There is also plenty of beauty under the sea, with corals and marine fauna, which is why Dahab is considered one of the best places on the peninsula for scuba diving and snorkeling.
Islamic Cairo
The colorful, narrow streets of Islamic Cairo are lined with mosques, madrassas (Islamic learning schools) and monuments from the Fatimid to the Mameluke eras. In those areas, you’ll find Khan el-Khalili’s labyrinth souk market, where coppersmiths and artisans still have their small studios, and stalls are laden with ceramics, textiles, spice, and perfume. The market is surrounded by a muddle of roads, home to some of the old Islamic empires and most beautiful preserved architecture. See the Al-Azhar Mosque and the magnificent Sultan Hassan Mosque and make sure you climb to the roof of Bab Zuweila’s ancient medieval gate for the best panoramic views of the city. There’s a wealth of history to explore in that location.
Alexandria (historic port city)
The second-largest city in Egypt feels like Mediterranean and Marseille or Athens cosmopolitan. It was once a very fashionable city, known for its ancient buildings and grand squares. Though it has faded a little bit of charms, in Egypt it is still a must-see destination. Try Citadel of Qaitbay, an impressive-looking fortress of the 15th century, to find peace and quiet head for the Montazah Palace Gardens or to restore your history and architecture. Choose one of the many antique coffee houses as well as drink coffee and puff on a water pipe while gazing over the Mediterranean Sea.

Siwa Oasis
It is often referred to as one of Egypt’s most beautiful places to visit. the Siwa Oasis is located off the beaten track between the Depression of Qattara and the Egyptian Sand Sea (in the Libyan Desert), it has its own distinct Siwan culture that varies from the mainstream Arab culture. Siwans speak their own language and its hot springs, fine jewelry and delicious dates and olives make this region so unique. Take a trip there and go swimming or just try some sandboarding with your chance.
White Desert
This is a historic town on the Nile River’s southern end. One of Egypt’s must-see cities is a stunning metropolis set in an idyllic location with pristine natural surroundings and spectacular views. Besides being located in a picturesque part of Egypt, the city itself is packed with many amazing old buildings that give it a pleasant atmosphere.
Egypt’s fabled the White Desert is a very interesting area in Egypt, 28 miles north of Farafra’s town. It has an otherworldly beauty sprouting from the desert sands with bizarre, ghost-white rock formations. The odd structures are in reality big chalk formations formed by occasional sandstorms.
In conclusion, if you really want to wow yourself and probably your loved ones, come to Egypt to see and mind-blowing structures that will leave you racking your brains if they were built by humans or super humans. Get a bit of history in this part of the continent, learn firsthand how the ancient Egyptians ruled their world, and learn one or more things about Africa.