Things To Do On Your Trip To Brazil

Brazil is renowned for over 2,000 beaches and has plenty of natural attractions, including the Amazon Rainforest’s most soil mass. It is the blend of cultures that makes Brazil full of contrasts and vibrant country to visit. Brazil is also famous for its February Carnival, where the whole country leaves everything to celebrate and observe Rio de Janeiro’s fabulous parades.

Explore The Amazon
One of the most significant experiences any tourist can have is floating through the rainforest on the Amazon River. The world’s largest rainforest is supplied by 10 of the 20 largest rivers in the world, including the Amazon itself, the planet’s most extensive river system. Literally, there are hundreds of boats offering a variety of cruise choices for tourists, from budget to luxury. Standard tourist boats can even sail the Rio Negro and Amazon tight tributaries to bring you deep into the forest. These peaceful tributaries are home to all kinds of aquatic life, including dolphins from the river, giant otters and piranha. Look into the trees and see sloths, tamarins and squirrel monkeys and birds like herons, macaws, kiskadees and oropendolas.

Christ the Redeemer
One of the world’s most renowned monuments, Christ the Redeemer is a Jesus Christ art deco sculpture that is more than 100 feet high. The arms of the statue extend over 92 feet wide and weigh over 635 metric tons in total. This statue is an internationally known symbol of Christianity and a cultural icon in Brazil. Tourists on holiday travel to Brazil just to see this magnificent statue, so you should not leave without a stop at the beautiful site. There are several tour companies that will take you to the site and provide background information about the history of art and the statue, although many tourists prefer to explore the site on their own.

Gruta Do Lago Azul
The Gruta Do Lago Azul, also recognized as the Blue Lake Grotto, is a cave that contains a breathtakingly transparent blue pool over 200 feet deep. Although it was not verified, it is thought most people believed that the cause of water for the lake is from an underground river. Tourists from around the globe flock to see its amazing azure locations in the Blue Lake Grotto. Thousands of prehistoric remains of animals have been discovered at the bottom of the cave in past years. Archaeologists discovered everything from giant sloth bones to sabre tooth tigers.

Escadaria Selaron
Escadaria Selaron, popularly recognized as “Selaron Steps,” is a set of 215 world-famous steps designed by Jorge Selaron, a Chilean-born artist. The artist, who has been renovating the steps for almost 23 years, called it a “homage to the individuals of Brazil.” Jorge began the project as a way to fix the broken steps in front of his residence. Shortly the project grew, now it has more than 2,000 pieces of ceramics, tiles, and mirrors collected from more than 60 countries around the world. Tourists can see the beautiful work of art that the steps have now become and see the different pieces, many of which Jorge himself has painted.

Museum of Tomorrow
Museum of Tomorrow is a science museum launched in 2015 and built by Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish neo-futuristic architect. It can be discovered close to the waterfront of the Pier Maua. The museum has five primary fields of the exhibition: Anthropocene, Cosmos, Tomorrow, Now and Earth. To create a pleasant learning experience, each of the fields combines science with creative design. The museum invites tourists not to concentrate on objects, but on ideas; this changes tourists’ thinking about building the planet’s future. Tomorrow Laboratory, which relies on 3D printing, technology, and artificial intelligence, is one of the museum’s most common aspects.

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon
The Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon has a great history that dates back many years; it was once inhabited by the Tamoios Indians, the Portuguese Colonies, and the Royal Portuguese Family who built the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, which still exists today. The lagoon is connected to the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by many attractions and activities that are family-friendly. Tourists can explore the natural landmark, go walking or jogging, enjoy a leisurely bike ride, take photographs, go rowing or spend the day in one of the many social clubs along the beautify lagoon.

The Rio Carnival

The grand Rio Carnival is arguably one of the biggest shows on the planet, a riot of sound, colors and action that will take your breath away. Plan ahead to watch this incredible and elaborate show from the Sambodromo stands by Brazilian samba dancers. Consider being blinded by the dancing troupes’ wonderful outfits, sizzling performances, inspiring music and elaborate displays. Non-stop activity and street parties bring a dizzying height to the Carnival atmosphere, making it one of Brazil’s most fun things to do.