Three Best Vacation Ideas For Singles

Whether you are single, married, or engaged or none of the above lol; sometimes in our lives, we want to have that “me time.” And it is not because we are falling out of love (for the couples); it is okay to have alone time, even amid families and friends. Moreover, there are several reasons why people travel alone, from getting to spend time doing only what interests us the most instead of planning with other’s schedules.

Besides, many destinations provide easy transportation, relatively conducive environments, and lots of fun activities that make them ideal for exploring alone. So, whatever your reasons for traveling solo may be, there are single-friendly places around the world to consider for your next single vacation.
Before you jump into selecting from the best vacation ideas for singles, you need to put these two things in place:

Pick A Travel Credit Card

It does not matter where you are going; you need to pick up a travel reward or credit card before you start your journey. These cards offer you points for every cent you spend; the majority of them give a big sign-up bonus after you meet a minimum spending requirement within a few months of signing up. Besides, some airline credits cards are beneficial for single travelers because most airlines offer one or two award seats at a time. In other words, families may find it inconvenient to see more than one or two award seats on a flight, but singles or solo travelers have the upper of only needing one.

Pick An All-Inclusive Resort Made For Singles

Another way to get yourself ready for a blissful vacation as a single is to select an all-inclusive resort made explicitly for singles. If you are planning to have a relaxing beach vacation with included activities and plenty of people around, then ensure to choose an all-inclusive resort for singles. These packages include but not limited to food, entertainment, and lodging for a single nightly rate. Also, if you are willing to shop around, you will find affordable packages.

Now that we have settled the first phase of your single vacation plan, the other step is to get the perfect single vacation spots.

See The Elephants In Thailand

Do you know that there are ethical ways to see the gentle giants of Thailand up close? If you reside in London and have a $2,416 travel budget, you can use the services of the London-based travel company Contiki to get your dream vacation. This travel company offers a 15-night “Total Thailand” trip, and it is suitable for people within the age bracket of 18 and 35. They cover Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai and accommodations range from twin-share hotel rooms to jungle cottages.

Also, the Chiang Mai leg includes a trip to the Elephant Nature Park, a rescue and rehabilitation center, which visitors to feed and bathe the animals without riding or exploiting them. The best time to go is from May 20 through to the last day of December. Visit for more details.

Try A Culinary Vacation In Italy

If you love food the way I do, then another vacation idea for you is to try various delicacies in foreign places. What better way to do it than to visit Italy? You can taste local wines, cook with organic vegetables, and fresh mozzarella. A culinary vacation in Italy allows you to join small-group cooking vacation; travel companies like The Best Single Travel offer trips to beautiful hot spots like Tuscany and less-traveled places like Puglia. The packages include free time to relax, cooking classes, and of course excursions to nearby towns. Also, you can find companies that specialize in single vacations and can pair you with a same-sex roommate. The best time to go for such trips is in spring, summer, and fall.

Drive Iceland’s Golden Circle

When traveling solo, safety should be in your top priority, and your security should never be compromised just because you want to have fun. However, Iceland offers you both; it is one of the safest countries in the world. Iceland is suitable for long, soul-searching drives. The best part is you do not have to annoy other passengers by pulling over every minute to take photos of waterfalls and glaciers.

The best time to visit is early May, just before the summer crowds descend. You can see most of the country along the Route 1, but if you are in a hurry, you can select some of southern Iceland’s beautiful places like Geysir, Gullfoss, and Thingvellir, along the Golden Circle route.