Best Cities To Visit In Europe

Are you looking to experience the perfect European vacation? You are just in the right place; Europe has a lot of beautiful must-see cities; however, we have listed five best cities to visit in Europe.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the beautiful towns to visit in Europe, forget all that is shown in the movies or document; it is nothing compared to the Budapest in reality- ten times more beautiful than the cameras can capture. You will be doing yourself a great disservice if Budapest is not on your vacation list. The city setting is impeccable; it has stunning architectural and historical heritage, which provides a combination of culture, blooming gastronomy, picturesque views.

Chain Bridge at night in Budapest

Furthermore, it is one of the safest cities in Europe, and it has a feel of other beautiful cities in the world; for instance, the town offers the architectural heritage of Vienna, the elegance of Paris, the charm of Porto, Stockholm’s gentle way of life.

Cavtat, Croatia

Cavtat is a small town that is located on the Adriatic coast; it is just about only 20 kilometers from Dubrovnik. Despite its size, Cavtat has breathtaking landscapes, and it is rich in cultural and historical heritage with delectable gastronomy. The city is tourist-friendly, and you can never get tired of seeing different scenery. There are fun activities you can indulge in- from biking, water sports, to horseback riding. Cavtat is the exact place you need to unwind, and let go of the stress. Also, it is suitable for solo travelers, as well as family vacationers.

Metz, France

Metz is located in the north-east of France, and it takes just 82 minutes to get there from Paris by train. It has family-friendly parks, gardens, animated terraces, cafés, bars, and patisseries owned by master chefs. In addition, the city is filled with restaurants, which serve both local and international dishes irrespective of your budget.

Apart from Paris, Marseille, Nice, there are other beautiful places to visit in France, and one of these cities is Metz. Whether you are just looking for a place to spend your holiday or looking for a change of environment, Metz should be on your radar; it is the perfect size sized town to take a break, and the city attracts travelers and artists all over the world. In addition, it is a place to meet people; lots of investors, start-up companies, and young designers reside in Metz for years. Renowned creators like Philippe Starck and huge cultural institutions like the Pompidou Centre have planned to launch their projects in the city.

Geneva, Switzerland

If you are a nature lover, historians, or love shopping, Geneva is surprisingly a great city to have all. This stunning city offers a variety of memorable experiences in a breathtaking natural setting. Some of the lovely places to see are the shores of the biggest lake in Western Europe and the foot of Mont-Blanc. It is also the perfect place for skiing, and then you go shopping in the afternoon.

Furthermore, the Jet d’Eau jetting water 140 meters above Lake Geneva, and the breathtaking picturesque countryside and its vineyard paths can leave you spellbound. Moreover, this beautiful city is the birthplace of fine watch-making and top restaurants whose menus are filled with mouthwatering delicacies.

Braga, Portugal

Braga is a charming, sparkling city no wonder for thousands of years, and the city has been a tourist center for people all over the world. It is just about one hour by train from Porto. It has a warm atmosphere as well as excellent hospitality. One of the must-see places in Braga is the Gothic Cathedral. Also, the Sanctuary of Our Lady Sameiro is inspiring and will leave you speechless. Moreover, the most significant White Night in Europe takes place in this city with lots of street concert, no wonder it is the perfect vacation spots for lovers, foodies, historians, and adventurers.

Furthermore, if it is a romantic getaway, the Santa Barbara Garden or the top of Bom Jesus do Monte gives you the perfect scene share with your partner. Braga provides a unique experience with a mix of young, designers, traditional shops, and shopping centers for you and your loved ones. It does not matter the time of your vacation; Braga offers high-quality events all through the year.