Things To Consider Before Buying Used Furniture

Furniture is one of the items that bring together your spaces and enables you to appreciate social lifestyle amenities. Because it’s a big makeup of our home, we can’t substitute furniture as often as we would like.

However, quality differs significantly. The older piece tends to be better built and has more character, while a modern piece of furniture often consists of little more than paint and plywood.

Before buying a used piece of furniture, remember that because it looks good on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s going to look good on the insides too. Before purchasing, it is essential to check used furnishings to prevent infestation of pests in your house. Taking the right precautions when inspecting the furniture you purchase, to avoid calling pests exterminator.

How to choose furniture

Try to prevent choosing anything upholstered before you purchase a piece of furniture at a yard sale or anywhere else. “But bed bugs are pretty hard to eradicate, and with upholstered furniture, it’s inevitable they’re still present there, and it’s just a matter of time before you see the signs of infestation. So, the next time you plan to purchase used furnishings, a piece of good advice would be to choose a chair or barstool because bed bugs are most likely to put up on a bed or sofa.

“Bed bugs are very stealthy and invincible and can survive on the oddest of surfaces, such as seam of lampshades and pleats. Bed bug infestation is an issue; however, keep an eye out for termites when choosing wooden furniture. Signs of termites in your furniture include caved-in wood and noticeable mazes.

How to inspect used furniture

Here is how to inspect used furniture for bed bugs:
When checking the furnishings, you will need white latex gloves, a torch, and a white cloth.

Position your furniture on the white sheet, in case they drop off the cloth, this will help see bed bugs.

Run the edge with your credit card or finger over any creases or breaks on the surface of the furniture. Keep checking with the magnifying glass for signs of bed bugs on your gloves or a white sheet. To know the signs, it would be the actual bed bugs, feces, or old skin. However, the feces will be dark red stains.

Use a flashlight to inspect the furniture’s concealed or dark areas carefully. Usually, bed bugs are good hiding, so look where they are not noticeable in the creases.

Things to consider when buying used furniture

Smell: try sniffing it. If the scent does appeal to you, go ahead and buy. But if you inhale a stink, think before you purchase because of the cost of cleaning. Is baking soda going to reduce the upholstery smell? Would a day out in the sun take the stench of wood furniture? Or are you going to have to put the piece to the porch or patio? Think about all these questions before buying.

Cribs: make you always check the consumer product safety commission website for crib recalls before purchasing. This is one area you shouldn’t skimp on. Borrow or buy from someone you trust and inspect for wear, tears, and defects like weak joints that could harm your baby.

Check the joint: For the durability and appearance of the intersection between wood parts, joints are very essential. Joints can be powerful: dovetails, dowels, screws, bolts, groove or mortise, and tenon. Compressed -wood dowels and staple glue are signs in weaker joints. With glued and staple joints, cheaper furniture joints can hold the least weight.

Check the hardwood: A beautiful hardwood such as oak, walnut, or fancy cherry wood will last much longer, look better, and boost the value over time. Identify hardwood for a solid grain by examining the edges. Make sure the wood is not distorted, swollen, consumed by bugs or disfigured otherwise.

Refinishing can correct surface damage, but it takes time, energy, and the right amount of chemicals is needed. However, removing the current finish may reduce the value of the piece.

Traveling and Bedbugs

Check your hotel rooms for bedbugs

One must be careful when traveling or buying used furniture for fear there might be bedbugs. Above are all the tools to help you assist in being able to spot and or treat bedbugs, near or far.

Having bedbugs can make for a very unpleasant situation for a great period of time. Many times people don’t realize they even have bedbugs until the manifestation has gone awry.