Fun Places to Visit in Cuba

Are you thinking of visiting one of the beautiful places in the Caribbean? Cuba should be on you’re the top of the list. What not to love about Cuba? It is the largest island in the Caribbean and likes 140km south of Florida. Cuba is not just occupying space; the landmass is filled with tropical landscapes, beautiful architecture, lively nightlife, the list goes on and on. Below are some of the beautiful places you can visit in Cuba if you want to have an unforgettable experience.


Havana, which is also known as the Rome of the Caribbean is one of the must-see places in Cuba, apart from being the Cuba Capital, it is also a major commercial center, and this lovely city manages to be old and modern at the same time. When you tour Havana at any time of the day, be sure to see classic cars rambling along wide avenues, built by the sides are some of the most photogenic colonial buildings in the Americas.

Furthermore, you will awe at the massive palaces with Baroque facades, which appear to be frozen in time. Even though the city’s expanding suburbs are on the verge of entering the 21st century, some places still reek of a blend of African, American, and European cultural influence just like the rest of Cuba. However, change is inevitable, and the city is fast-changing, so take this opportunity to soak yourself its unique sights and sounds while you still can.

Sancti Spíritus

This is one of the provinces of Cuba, and its capital is the identically named Sancti Spíritus. Also, the coast of the region is flat, but the western portion of Sancti Spíritus is filled with mountains, and the southeast has many mangroves and swamps. However, the northern coast contains significant wetlands and the Bay of Buena Vista and the Caguanes National Park (protected areas).

There is so much to see in Sancti Spíritus; the Embalse Zaza, which is the largest man-made reservoir in Cuba, and many others. It is rich in culture and history. During the 17th century, the British and the Dutch pirates tried to control the province, but with little or no success. Between 1660 and 1680, pirates from Jamaica and Tortuga plagued Trinidad, and on two cases, the city was razed down by pirates. The provinces of Sancti Spíritus, Cienfuegos, and Villa Clara were part of the former province of Las Villas.

Villa Clara

This province is situated at the central region of the island bordering with the Atlantic at the north, Matanzas Province by the west, Sancti Spíritus Province by east, and Cienfuegos Province on the South. Also, the province shares a border with Cienfuegos and Sancti Spiritus on the south the Escambray Mountain Range. The main cities in Villa Clara are Caibarién, Camajuani, Manicaragua, Placetas, Ranchuelo, Remedios, Santa Clara, which is also the capital, and Sagua La Grande.

Furthermore, the present provinces of Cienfuegos, Santi Spíritus, and Villa Clara were part of the defunct province of Las Villas; however, Villa Clara is sometimes called “Las Villas.” Probably it is because Santa Clara was the capital of the obsolete Villa Clara and also the capital of Villa Clara.


This province keeps attracting people from all over the world, maybe it is because of the well-aged 19th-century architecture and rustic charm of the province, which showcase the scents, sounds, and the sights of old days. Despite the heavy wear from the horses that still pull carts up and down, the former colonial buildings and cobblestone streets have been maintained. If you love historical cities, Trinidad is your best bet; there are historic sites in the surrounding areas, like the manor homes, slave shacks, mills, dot the beautiful green landscape of the two valleys, which meet here. Also, nearby mountains provide a wealth of outdoor activities and adventures.

Cayo Guillermo

Cayo Guillermo, situated at the A kay of the Jardines del Rey archipelago is buoyed by the construction of all-inclusive luxury resorts that dot the paradisal island, no wonder this beautiful scenery is fast becoming a popular international tourist destination. The main beach on the kay attracts many Cubans are drawn to its view, seaside attractions and accessibility from the mainland.

The marina offers shelter for fleets of yachts with chartered tours of the archipelago among other popular things to do in Cayo Guillermo. So, if you are planning to go to Cuba for your next vacation, go to to learn more.