How To Plan Your First Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Planning any vacation whether it is your first, second or twelfth times you are planning can be overwhelming especially when you are planning a family trip with your loved ones. Ensuring everyone from the oldest down to the baby of the house has a good time and no one is left is quite daunting. Before you continue reading this, I just need you to take a deep breath- it is okay. Vacation is for relaxation and creating lovely memories so don’t get worked up trying to plan “the perfect vacation”. So, check out the following steps in preparing your first family vacation.

Make a short list of where you and your family want to go

When planning your family vacation, remember it’s a family trip and not just you going; there are some destinations you will need to cross off the list. Places that are too cold, hot, rainy or remote can disrupt the fun, cause more anxiety for you and it is not worth the trouble… at least for now. However, if those places are the exact places you would love to spend the break with your family no problem so long you study the different times and you know the season you travel in is in line with your desired activities.

For instance, if you want to go skiing with your family, then you have no business looking thinking about Miami. Got the point? Research your preferred city or country before you book that flight.

Set a budget

Setting up a budget is essential if you do not want to spend more than you bargain for or get stranded with your family. After selecting a destination, the next thing to do is to check out the cost of living in that city, and then plan your budget accordingly. Know how much it will cost you to book a hotel, and the number of days you and your family will be spending there. Also, the tourist centers, the bus fares, the foods and drinks. Nothing should come as a surprise to you. In addition, it is wise to take extra money; do not take the exact amount you are going to spend on the trip.

Always have a backup plan just in case things are more expensive than you anticipated. Furthermore, check suitability for your kids, the weather during your planned travel dates, transport in each destination, accommodation. You can always use a travel agent if you do not know how to get the information.

Plan your trip based on the above information

I know it is exciting and tempting to go off course when you finally arrive at your destination. However, it is advisable to decide where you want to go based on all of the above. It will help you stay on your budget, and ensure everything is in order while still having fun with your loved ones.

Ensure your passports and visas are sorted out

Although this aspect is optional; for people who are planning their vacations outside the country or using flights. So, get them ready before anything else such as booking your flights, accommodation and tours. For more information, seek advice from your travel agent.

What you need to have

While putting things in order, we sometimes forget to pack the little things, equally essential things we need to enjoy our vacation. Below are the basic things you will need for your family trip:

• Phones and tablets ( be careful not to be engrossed in the phone, and forget to spend quality time with your family)
• Chargers
• Powerbanks
Power adaptors
• Tickets
• Travel documents such as visa, hotel coupons, birth certificates, etc.
• Passports
• Snacks (one way to reduce your expenditures)
• Pens
• Sunscreen (especially during summer vacation)
• Wipes
• Insect repellent
• Hand sanitizer
• Acetaminophen
• Card games
• Some local currency

Finally, see your doctor before and after a trip; it will ensure the family is in good health and treat whatever illness you or your loved ones have before or after the family vacation.