What Necessities to Carry in a Wallet : Travel Gear

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When traveling it’s very important to know what necessities should be carried in a wallet. Keep the bare minimum of important items in there so the rest can stay safe in the hotel. Find out more about what necessities are good to carry in a wallet with help from a lifestyle writer and entrepreneur in this free video.

Expert: Kimberly Fisher
Contact: jetsetera.net
Bio: Kimberly Fisher is a lifestyle writer, media personality and Internet entrepreneur.
Filmmaker: Brandon Somerton

Series Description: Traveling overseas can be very stressful, especially if some key precautions are not taken care of. Kimberly Fisher is a lifestyle writer that has tons of great advice for any traveler. Learn what type of rain wear, purses and clothing to bring that will help make the trip more enjoyable with help from an experienced traveler in this free online video series.


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