Rain Gear for Travel: Packing for Bad Weather

Don’t let bad weather ruin your travels. Pack the right rain gear!

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Rain Gear for Travel: Packing for Bad Weather

Here’s our favorite minimal rain gear (for packing in a carry on) that offers maximum weather protection.

* Our favorite quick-dry men’s underwear: https://www.exofficio.com/products/mens/underwear

* Our favorite quick-dry men’s pants: http://shop.outlier.cc/shop/retail/pants/

* A great packable waterproof jacket: https://marmot.com/products/details/precip-jacket-new

* Quick-dry travel towel (an oft-overlooked rain gear essential, especially if you’re staying in a hostel): http://amzn.to/1Nt89cv

* Tortuga rain cover: http://www.tortugabackpacks.com/collections/rain-covers

About Tortuga Backpacks:

We make gear for urban travel.

In 2009, our co-founders backpacked through Eastern Europe. The trip was a blast, but our backpacks were a disaster. The perfect travel backpack didn’t exist. So we made it.

More: http://www.tortugabackpacks.com


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