Unboxing American Girl Travel in Style Luggage and Accessories Packing for American Girl Doll Travel

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Summer is almost over and our American Girl Doll, Kit Kittredge, is ready to travel in style for a last minute getaway on the new Shopkins Jet, https://youtu.be/FQjAkaUmoKc. She is wearing World Traveler Dress with her new Travel in Style Luggage and Accessories from the Truly Me line.

The Travel in Style Luggage comes with a wheel roll-able suitcase with clasp closures and an extendable handle. It also comes with a luggage tag with gold-foil stickers for customization. Last but not least, this set also comes with a double strapped tote bag for carry on.

Next, the Travel in Style Accessories comes with a soft travel pillow for naps on the travel and a mini American Girl magazine to read. The kit comes with a passport, plane ticket, and train ticket depending on what style of transportation and where your doll travels to. There is also a camera, as well as a pair of sunglasses, a travel case, and a banana.

Now Kit is truly ready to travel where she wants.

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