Travel Gear Review – All About the Gear

Doug and Gordon go beyond just cameras and lenses and take a look at some of the other gear they use and recommend, specifically for travel photography.

For the audio-only version of this episode:

Some of the gear mentioned in the show:

Fujifilm Instax Camera:
F-Stop Bags:
Billingham Hadley Pro:
Doug’s Bag and Contents for Turkey:
Gitzo Traveler Tripod:
Feisol TT15 Tabletop Tripod:
RRS Pocket ‘Pod:
Giottos Tripod Head:
Rocket Blower:
Doug’s Blower:
Sensor Swabs: (Check sensor size!)
Eclipse Fluid:
Sensor Loupe:
Petzl Headlamp:
B+W Clear MRC Nano Filter:
Lee Filters:
Formatt-Hitech Filters:
Trigger Trap:
Peak Design Straps:
Anker USB Battery:
Anker USB 4-Port Charger:
Wester Digital My Passport Wireless:
Aeropress Coffee Maker:
Porlex Hand Coffee Grinder:
Horsham Coffee:
Bikemaster Compressed Towelettes:
Doug’s Cuba Workshops: