Taskin Kompak System | Travel Gear Gets a Serious Upgrade by Taskin

Upscale style. Breakthrough functionality. The Taskin Kompak Packing System is essential gear for the modern traveler.
About this project : If “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” the Taskin Kompak Packing System delivers them both in spades

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More about project :
After launching two wildly successful Kickstarter travel products, we decided it’s time to go all-in, with a complete set of packing accessories that radically redefines the word “essential’ ” fotoday’s savvy traveler. Our two previous campaigns were well received, below are some of the comments: It is time to do it all over again. After relentless prototyping and rigorous testing, we’re proud to introduce four ingenious new products that’ll have you packing like a boss in no time. We promise you’ve never seen anything like this before.   #1 Kruze Toiletry Kit: A Bright Idea in Traveling Light Grooming kit. Dopp bag. Toiletry case. In a sea of sameness, there has been so little innovation—until now. The new Taskin Kruze isn’t just the most advanced toiletry kit ever. It’s lightyears ahead of the competition. How’s this for a first: The Kruze comes with a built-in, germicidal UV-C lamp. Simply press the button and 3 seconds later, the UV-C lights up to kill 99.9% of the germs in your bag—and shuts itself off after 3 mins.   Aluminum-coated lining helps keep the inside dry and clean, and reflects the UV-C light around the interior to help zap those germs—so you get a lot less gross on the go. Plus: The Kruze comes with 4 extra-strong suction cups so you can attach it to smooth, flat surfaces like the bathroom mirror. Now, your stuff is always within reach. And talk about smart: The Kruze’s exterior is made of tough, waterproof tarpaulin. If one of the containers inside spills, the rest of your luggage stays clean and dry. No muss, and so much less fuss.  Thoughtfully-designed organizational features will fire up even the most demanding travelers.   With so much innovation, the Taskin Kruze sets the new standard for premium toiletry kits everywhere.  #2: Disq Travel Duffel: For Tuck-in-Go Situations Need to pack an extra bag for that trip to Milan or Milwaukee, just in case? It’s a cinch with the Taskin Disq Duffel. This smart, stylish duffel is made of super-tough, honeycomb nylon so it’s ready for anything. Disq is constructed using high quality honeycomb rip-stop nylon and waterproof zippers. Plus: It folds down tight into an easy-pack disk that packs neatly into a pocket on one end of its carry bag.   Best of all: The stow pocket into which the Disq is folded/compressed into also doubles as one of two external pockets when the Disq is in use.   Plus, the straps in front easily attach to the handle of carry-on luggage for the ultimate in convenience. #3 Taskin Gadget Stash: Jumble-Free Jetting is Here Road warriors rejoice: Now there’s an upscale electronics bag that helps you keep all those dongles, drives, cables and connectors under control.   Our innovative cable clip can be used to set the length of cables and wires, so you can avoid a bad case of the tangles. After use, you can easily secure the clip onto a corresponding magnetic cradle to keep everything in its place.   No more cramming. No more chaos. Just gear up and go. #4 QiK Shoe Bag: Two-in-One Convenience, Just for Kicks Maybe it’s your trusty wingtips, your favorite Chelsea’s, or even those crazy trainers you got in Hong Kong. When it comes to your go-to shoes, the Taskin QiK stashes them away in the most efficient way possible. The QiK comes with odor-resistant materials because dude, let’s not even go there. And check this out: The bag can be separated into two halves, and each can fit up to a pair of adult shoes. Now, you can pack a pair of shoes together, or spread them around where they fit best. Your shoes will thank you—and so will everyone else. #5 Duplex Packing Cubes : Add Our Dual-Sided Packing Cubes & Fit 40% More In The Same Space  Miss out on our big campaign for the Kompak packing cube? Here’s your chance to fix that or if you need more, can’t have enough packing cubes!  Pack tight and get where you’re going without having to steam or iron wrinkled clothes for a change! On one side: An air-breathable compartment to keep clothes packed tight and wrinkle-free. On the other: An odor and water resistant pouch with waterproof zippers and li…