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These are my TOP 5 TRAVEL TIPS when travelling anywhere around the world with my camera gear. These travel tips apply to photographers, cinematographers, anyone who brings camera gear with them abroad.

We are going over things like which bag to bring, photo/video essentials, what time of day to shoot at to planning out your shots ahead of time even your airplane seat!

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  19. ghese productions on June 21, 2018 at 12:39 am

    Hey Peter,
    Have you ever had the airlines ask you to check in your carry-on camera bag because there was no more room in the overhead bins? This happened to us on the first leg of an international flight, and we ended up having to re-book our entire trip in order to keep the carry-on with us. Is there a way around this, especially since we were traveling for work?
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    Peter, I love every video you make!
    This should save you some time

    Pro tip:
    right-click folder > show view options > sort by name > use as defaults

    Also, cmd+shift+n for new folder

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