Whether you’re headed to the airport to jet set somewhere far away or driving to a nearby weekend getaway, packing is seriously The. Worst. Thing. Ever.

It’s inevitable that we always seem to wait until the last possible second to start packing, so instead of easing into the vacation mindset, we’re overcome with sheer panic. How many pairs of sunglasses do I actually need? Do I pack extra outfits? Somehow, the only (time-sucking) solution seems to be to try everything in our closets again to find the perfect three—er, five—looks.

We feel your pain. So in order to take away some of your packing problems, we’ve scouted some essentials you’ll be so glad to have on your next summer getaway. Everything from comfy-chic airport clothes (hello fire track suit combo) to the luggage and organizing essentials you’ve been meaning to pick up for about a year.

No one has to know that you saved packing until an hour before you have to leave. We—and the very chic finds ahead—are here to make your life stress-free and stylish.